Smt. Renu Age 40 Yrs married Life 21 Yrs, she had no issue. She had complains of tumor in the uterus (fibroid uterus).She had consulted multiple doctors and undergone multiple investigations making her agony worse and lengthy. She was then referred to us for getting pregnant. On her work up a tumor was found in her uterus which contributed to her infertility. Removal of tumor was done by laparoscopic and hysteroscopic route (myomectomy) on. After the surgery IUI was done. Little did she realize before she conceived. She delivered a male child on 7 December by caesarian section. The baby is 3 kg healthy doing well. Renu conceived after 21 years which is no less than a miracle for her.

Mrs Mehzabi 31 Yrs old. R/o Roorkee came to us as a case of secondary infertility and long cycle with only withdrawal bleeding with previous two mid trimester abortion ,on proper, thorough work up, patient diagnosed as a case of bilateral PCOD and Septate uterus(uterus was divided into two). Her laparoscopy was done multiple follicle puncture and aspiration done along with enhancing fundal and lateral Metroplasty for uterine septum.

After that patient conceived and cervical encirclage done and 14 weeks Now patient delivered a healthy female baby of wt. 3.00 kg at Vardhman Hospital.

90 kg Patient from Motihar, Bihar, with the complaints of 24 weeks size uterine fibroids came to us for laparoscopic myomectomy and Infertility. We did her Laparoscopy myomectomy and removed a Fibroid which weighted 2 kg. Surgery took four hours and completed by just 5mm ports. Now next day morning patient is walking, eating normally doing active breathing and leg exercises.

Dear Dr. Nutan,

I am not sure how to begin to thank you. My wife and I never met such a doctor, sincerely interested in their patientís well-being, doctor. You are incredible at what you do and we are so thankful we found you!

The day when we came to you first time, We were a complete mess that we canít comprehend that. Then you met us, provided right information and said ďItís all going to be OK !Ē.Then follow up appointments you gave us confidence and right treatment.

The very thought of hospitalization and surgery is scary and traumatizing. But caring doctor like you make it friendly and pleasing. Thanks for you effective analysis and diagnosis. Else, I will be forever grateful for your help in creating our little family. Your commitment to your role and your patients is just mind blowing. I am certain it not only consumes you, but your entire family. Huge sacrifices would be made and for this I canít thank you enough. I know your answer to this would be that you love what you do and this in itself makes you even more special.

Himanshi and I are so grateful to you and your staff. Its obvious you are amazing at what you do! Thank you Dr. Nutan for everything. We recommend you any chance we get.

Millions of thanks from us.

Himanshi & Sumit Singla

Mrs. Manjul Singh age 38 yrs old with married life 9 yrs. Came from Haridwar with complains of Primary Infertility from last eight years but was unable to conceive. Patient visited Dr. Nutan Jain / Dr. Vandana Jain.

Patient conceived through IVF in 2015. She delivered a healthy girl child (2.5kg) on 24th February 2015.

The couple now feels very happy to have a baby girl.

125 KG patient from Meerut, with complaints of irregular menstrual bleeding with diffuse adenomyosis for laparoscopic hysterectomy. We did her total laparoscopic hysterectomy which took our effort and time to do because of her extreme obesity. Now next day morning patient is walking, eating normally, active breathing and leg exercises.

Dr Nutan Jain Washington DC

Dr Nutan Jain is one of the most renowned Gynaecologist from India whose knowledge and skills have been recognized by the world medical fraternity. She was chosen to do a live surgery at her Operation theatre in Muzaffarnagar which was telecast live to more then 5000 plus doctors present at AAIG congress of Laparoscopic surgeons in Washington DC .

The now famous " Jain Point " in laparoscopic surgery is named after her. She is the author of 7 books for Medical Students and doctors from all over the country come to Muzaffarnagar to get trained by her.




Live Surgery by Dr Nutan Jain

Dr Nutan Jain is one of the most renowned name in the field of Laparoscopic Gynae Surgeries and she has been demonstrating her skills over the last 3 decades. She has trained several hundred surgeons and gynaecologists through her lectures in national and international conferences.

In this video she is demonstrating live surgery from her OT at Vardhman Hospital and also explaining the surgical techniques.